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"Bella Thorne Jr.": Ex-Viner Chloe Woodard's OnlyFans Scam REVEALED

“There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute” - David Hannum, 1869

When Bella Thorne, air-headed semi-actress and professional sleaze, joined OnlyFans, a site for adult creators to share content for a set fee per month, every man-child sat on the edge of his rolling chair and brushed the Doritos crumbs from his beard. Here was a chance to see a "legit" celebrity take her clothes off like us commoners. Ignoring the fact that she's had more plastic put in her than a McDonald's Happy Meal, people were excited.

They were less excited when her account turned out to be a money-grubbing "experiment." Turns out Ms. Thorne shanghaied her customers to get some quick scratch and screw the other creators on the site by earning a million dollars in her first day on the site and forcing OnlyFans to create new regulations that harmed other creators... and they weren't having any of it:

Thorne later "apologized", saying she wanted to "normalize the stigmas" of sex work because she was a "mainstream face with a voice and a platform."

Sigh... and then there's this one... Bella Thorne jr.

Chloe Woodard, a.k.a. ChloeLmao, a.k.a. Chloe Frances, a.k.a. FrancisFarmer420, a.k.a. who gives a toss, was a Vine "star" and has transitioned well from that prestigious perch. She's now what I call a "dabbler": a mix of a bunch of mediocre skills that makes someone seem like a superhero. She's a writer (actually just a book of a few sad poems and some "art" photos taken with an iPhone), a musician (some songs uploaded to Spotify sounding like they were recorded in a badly-insulated garage), and so on and so forth.

And now we can add - OnlyFans Wannabe.

Her official reasoning is that the current pandemic forced her to stop doing her art projects and dress-up Instagram playdates and find a way to make "real" money. So, Chloe Woodard became FrancesFarmer420, OnlyFans Auteur. On September 18th, she released it to the public...

Well, the reviews are in... and they ain't good!

First of all, she charges $30 per month, which, I'm told, is on the high side, as subscriptions average between $10-15. If you want customs, you better open that wallet to the brim, because a pic will set you back $50 and a vid will leech you for $100.

So far, she's netted over $13,000.

Here are some choice reviews from the SubReddit devoted to her:

First Week:

"I paid her $50 for a nude & it’s been 2 days. She hasn’t sent yet but she says in her bio she sends every night. The inbox shows whenever she’s online. She’s been online at least the last 3 times I’ve checked & she still hasn’t sent." (9/20)

"She's only posted twice and hasn't posted since the 18th. Not sure how committed she is to it. Plus it's $30 and only 'lewd' content so far. I don't know..." (9/28)

"Can second this. At first she said she was posting twice a week but offline Friday-Sunday, and doing private’s throughout the week, but she hasn’t posted in over a week and hasn’t responded to DM’s either. So far save your money. Wish I could refund." (9/28)

"I got it. I regret it." (9/28)

Eventually, she complained that she was too "busy" to post often (as if taking two pictures of yourself a week is yeoman's work...) Suffice it to say, Reddit was having none of it:

"You think posting 8 posts per month for 15 grand is exhausting labour? Are you out your fuckin mind... Shes probably on top of the world right now and still putting in no effort. I've been more emotionally exhausted getting the bus to work." (9/30)

On October 2nd, according to a Reddit user, she wrote "this big post announcing a bunch of stuff and saying new stuff was 'coming tomorrow' as well as in the week. That was her last post.... like a week ago with nothing new. I’m not subbing again. Even if she drops the price to 15 it’s not worth it. Inconsistent content."

Another update: "All the way through week 3 and no post. Between people unhappy with lack of posts and interactions and even over all quality. She is gonna close down her OF and write a blog about how hard it is to be a 'sex worker'. Then when the original 13 grand runs out she might dabble in selling socks through DM's again." (10/4)

Fans also expressed their ire of how frequently she posts on other social media: "Not saying she shouldn't have a life besides OF, but you know, that'd be the time you could post another update, being more specific..." (10/4)

On October 4th, she removed the "I post twice a week" part of her bio on OF. "Fuck this shit, I'm unsub-ing!" one Reddit user opined. "It was already ridiculous from the very beginning."

When asked about her efforts so far, one Reddit fan sums it up best:

"Definitely not worth it. Hasn't posted actual pics in 10 days, probably won't do more. Doesn't respond to DMs. Someone leaked some of the stuff, so she's probably worried about that. Big surprise that someone would leak something over the internet. I guess everyone that paid $30 gets punished for a few people posting it. She already made 20 grand for her exhausting efforts so I guess it doesn't really matter."

Thanks to the kindness of one subscriber, I was able to view the content she's posted so far and, with complete honesty, I can brand Miss Woodard's stunt a "failure." She's stolen money from people's wallets, shirked the promises she made when she sped into this venture and lied to the people who were forking over the inflated price to see this "precious creature" in the flesh.

Instead of discovering a real vocation, one that she's suited for, she decides to keep bilking the people who support her the most, pissing in the face of the Trans community that worships her. Her most ardent admirers say what a "stress" this is on her and how it "tires" her to post twice a week. If you paid me $13,000 a month, I'd post every day, twice on Sundays.

On her other social media, she's all smiles and happiness, playing the part that got her this far and what will ultimately be her epitaph:

Have fun while it lasts, Bella Thorne Jr.

Did you subscribe to her OF? Do you have any details to add? Message me @ StevenKrageComposer@gmail.com!

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